The Royal Botanical Gardens

We’re really lucky to live just around the corner from one of the prettiest parts of Melbourne – the Royal Botanic Gardens. Just a couple of streets from our suburban apartment is a totally different world. Walking through the gardens is a peaceful contrast to the bustling Chapel Street or the madness of the Melbourne CBD, and yet both are within a 20 minute walk.
You’d need to put aside a whole day to see everything; closest to us are the actual Royal Botanic Gardens which contain Fern Gully, the Ornamental Lake, Guilfoyle’s volcano, the Arid garden, the Terrace and more. Walk a little further west and you have La Trobe’s Cottage and the National Herbarium and further still, the Shrine of Remembrance. Continue on north and you’ll see Government House, the quaint Pioneer Women’s Garden, the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and the King’s Domain. The most northern section contains the Queen Victoria Gardens and the Alexandra Gardens, each with their own beautiful features and statues.
Along with all this beauty, you’d never believe there’s a giant lake right in the middle of the grounds. I’ve witnessed people getting married beside it, sun bathing and taking advantage of the most peaceful place in the city. Overlooking the lake is the Tearooms, where you can enjoy a meal in the middle of all this beauty.
Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.58.49 PM
I remember someone telling me about The Shrine of Remembrance and expecting a small plaque. When I saw the actual building I was blown away by how special it is. The best part is climbing up to the top and having a 360 view of the city.
If you’re brave you can even run ‘the tan’ track- a lap around the outside of the garden area.
Basically, if it’s a nice day, go check everything out!
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